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March 21, 2000
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. (CDNX Symbol AAT)

AirTest Enters New Era in Laser Technology

Mr. George Graham the president of ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of a Conditional Purchase Agreement with Homburg Industries N.V. of the Netherlands, to acquire the shares of OptiGas Limited based in Horsham, England. The agreement was signed subject to a number of conditions, Including regulatory approval and that Airtest can raise adequate funding by April 30, 2000 without affecting the company's working capital.

Optigas has developed a type of Multiple Gas Analyzer (GasCam) that operates in a portable remote and passive mode. This technology is proprietary, has a very large addressable global market, and there is to the best of the Company's knowledge, no known technology that has similar capabilities to the GasCam. The product will complement the FTIR analyzer and will also enhance Airtest's aerial surveillance program.

The GasCam has undergone a number of preliminary tests, however more field testing and controlled condition testing will be required to determine the final specifications prior to going into commercial production.

OptiGas has received strong support from the BP Amoco Group in the U.K. and several joint field tests will be carried out on BP sites, with the first of these to commence in the last week of March 2000.

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Published: March 21, 2000 Last Updated: October 18, 2007