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November 01, 2000
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. (CDNX Symbol AAT)

Airtest Announces Interim Financing and Corporate Restructuring

Vancouver: Mr. George Graham the President of ATI Airtest Technologies Inc is pleased to announce that a private arms length investor has agreed to provide an interim financing of $500,000.00 (Cdn). The financing which is subject to the approval of the CDNX, would result in an issuance of shares equal to 20% of the value of the financing, and based on the current trading price.

The company has re-evaluated two of its ongoing projects with a view to streamlining operations, and has decided to focus on product lines which are providing the greatest cash flow. The airborne GasMet FTIR analyzer, which has been experiencing technical difficulties, would require additional funding to create the efficiencies necessary to make it commercially viable. Therefore the company has decided to shelve this project at this time. The second project is the GasCam unit manufactured by OptiGas Limited. Extensive testing and product evaluation by Airtest has determined that new and advanced technology is being introduced in the near future, which could render this product line obsolete without further extensive R & D. In the interests of capital preservation, the management of Airtest has decided not to acquire OptiGas.

The two Mobile Air Monitoring vans are being utilized almost to capacity in the Calgary area, and this project has been providing excellent cash flow to the company. As well, the sales of the Commercial Monitors and Controllers are doing well, with several new distributors being added in Canada and the United States. The company has also been pursuing a strategic alliance with a new firm, which should add depth, and increased cash flow to Airtest, through new and compatible product lines.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Important factors that may cause actual results to differ from those statements include: market conditions, market demand for the products, present company finances and future requirements and various government and regulatory agency requirements. Additionally, forward looking statements contained in this release may also be affected by competitive products and pricing and the risks associated with product development, marketing, and management of growth and limits on the company's operating experience.

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Published: November 01, 2000 Last Updated: October 18, 2007