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February 15, 2002

ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. (CDNX Symbol AAT)

Airtest Corporate Update

Vancouver: Mr. George Graham the President of ATI Airtest Technologies is pleased to provide shareholders with a product and application update.

Management became aware of a market niche late last year, which concentrated on the installation of Carbon Monoxide Sensors to activate exhaust fans in parking garages. Many buildings, especially in the United States were running the fans continuously, or on timers, and energy costs were substantial. Recently, Engineering firms have been specifying sensors for demand-controlled carbon monoxide ventilation and the cost savings are anticipated to pay for the installation over a short period of time.

ATI Airtest Technologies Inc., has developed a software program which calculates this pay back period, and has utilized this tool in conjunction with its TR2000 CO Sensors, to successfully bid on a large underground parking garage installation on the Campus of the University of California in Los Angeles, (UCLA). Completion of the project is expected in the fall of this year, and management anticipates additional contracts in the near future, based on this concept.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Important factors that may cause actual results to differ greatly from those forward statements include: market conditions, market demand for the products, present company finances and future requirements and various government and regulatory agency requirements. Additionally, forward looking statements contained in this release may also be affected by competitive products and pricing and the risks associated with product development, marketing, and management of growth and limits on the company's operating experience

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Published: February 15, 2002 Last Updated: October 18, 2007