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April 8,2009
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc.



DELTA, BC, April 7, 2009 – AirTest Technologies (TSXV: AAT) announced today the completion of in- field, beta-testing of its new wireless based control system for parking garages. The completion of this phase of product development, which involved deployments in actual means the company is on track for commercial introduction of the product later this summer.

AirTest’s sensor-based, demand controlled garage ventilation system can typically reduce energy costs buy 90% and kW demand by 80%. Using this approach the AirTest system modulates code required ventilation rates to reflect actual vehicle activity in the garage. “Airtest’s wireless approach can significantly reduce the cost of installing these types of systems by 30% or more while considerably simplifying the installation process” said George Graham, President of AirTest. Graham added that “We estimate that as many as 75% of enclosed parking garages in North America are wasting energy by not utilizing Airtest’s demand controlled ventilation strategy. By going wireless we can overcome the reluctance of building owners to installing an elaborate and costly wired system.”

This beta test focused on ensuring that AirTests wireless system could easily communicate in a variety of actual parking garage environments, which can be a challenge for conventional wireless approaches because of the concrete and rebar construction as well as constantly changing number of metal vehicles that can reflect signals. According to Mike Schell, Director of Business Development “AirTests approach has been to develop a highly durable, battery operated system that is easily deployed. After studying the issue for over 3 years we settled on a proprietary approach that utilizes a proven wireless radio that has been successfully applied in a variety of in industrial and commercial applications.”

Given the completion of these tests in real garage environments, AirTest anticipates that its first wireless systems for parking garages will start selling in the summer of this year.

About AirTest: AirTest Technologies ( is a Green-Tech company specializing in sensors that improve commercial building operating efficiency and at the same time create energy savings. These sensors are all based on technical innovations developed in the last ten years, and comprise a growing second wave of energy saving technologies that will make a significant contribution to the Sustainable Buildings Program. AirTest offers its products to leading-edge building owners, contractors and energy service companies targeting the buildings market. AirTest also provides energy cost reduction solutions to building equipment and controls manufacturers who incorporate AirTest sensor components in their products.

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