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March 24, 2009
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc.



DELTA, BC, March 24, 2009 – AirTest Technologies (TSXV: AAT) is pleased to announce that it has just received an order for 1,000 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) transmitters that will be utilized by a major Canadian retail chain to upgrade the energy performance of both new and existing stores. This order will provide improved ventilation control for approximately 200 existing stores.

This order is representative of a much larger corporate multi-year commitment of the retailer to implement green and sustainable practices to minimize the energy costs and environmental impact for its 1,100 stores across Canada. Thechain has been using AirTest's transmitters as part of their new construction program for over 2 years. Accordingto George Graham, President of Airtest, "We began working with this Company three years ago, after apilot project in a Toronto store showed significant energy savings when compared to an identical store that did not use CO2 sensors to control ventilation. As a result, all new stores since then have used our sensors and this order is part of their effort to upgrade all of their facilities."

AirTest's self-calibrating CO2 sensors save energy in buildings by regulating outside air ventilation based on the actual number of people in a space. This ensures that only enough outside air is heated or cooled to meet the immediate needs of occupants. Outside air ventilation can account for 20% of the air circulated in a building and 30 to 50% of the heating and cooling load. A 2005 EPA study of commercial buildings found that more than 80% of the buildings evaluated were over-ventilated. Most existing buildings do not measure or control ventilation, and often are set up to provide maximum ventilation at all times. As Graham points out "It is like running an air conditioner all the time regardless of the temperature inside". AirTest's CO2 sensors provide feedback to the building control system to measure and control outside air ventilation so that air quality and code requirements are met, but wasted energy from over- ventilation is avoided. Graham added, "CO2 ventilation control can represent a simple but highly effective
way for almost all buildings to reduce energy use while ensuring good indoor air quality for occupants."

About AirTest: AirTest Technologies is a Green-Tech company specializing in sensors that improve commercial building operating efficiency and at the same time create energy savings. These sensors are all based on technical innovations developed in the last ten years, and comprise a growing second wave of energy saving technologies that will make a significant contribution to the Sustainable Buildings Program. AirTest offers its products to leading-edge building owners, contractors and energy service companies targeting the buildings market. AirTest also provides energy cost reduction solutions to building equipment and controls manufacturers who incorporate AirTest sens or components in their products.

For more information about AirTest’s contribution to the Green Buildings initiative, please contact George
Graham at 604-517-3888 or visit the AirTest website at .

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Published: January 14, 2004 Last Updated: April 24, 2009