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November 11, 2008
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc.



DELTA, BC, October 29, 2008 – AirTest Technologies (TSXV: AAT) has just introduced a new generation of sensors to help building owners reduce cooling costs by using outside air for free-cooling. This approach called fresh air economizer control has been around for years but has always been problematic due to the use of substandard and inaccurate sensing technology, resulting in thousands of dollars of lost savings opportunities for building owners. Fresh air economizers are used in about 60% of the commercial buildings in North America.

The fresh air economizer concept is based on the principal that at certain times, outside air is cool enough and dry enough to directly cool buildings, eliminating the need to operate air conditioning equipment. Most buildings can save thousands of dollars per year when this approach is applied correctly. Recent publications by ASHRAE, an international organization of building engineers, have suggested the traditional method of using temperature or complicated measurement of enthalpy is problematic because they can add unwanted moisture to the building that can affect comfort and potentially lead to mold related problems. Instead they recommend measuring outside air dew point.
AirTest has published a white paper that further describes this issue and the advantages in measuring
dew point. The whitepaper can be downloaded at the following link.

The outside air dew point and temperature transmitters introduced by AirTest, utilize highly accurate sensors that previously have only been applied for demanding weather station applications. “Our approach is to use one highly accurate and rugged sensor to control all the air intakes for a building, instead of mounting a sensor at every air intake, which can number 20 to 60 on some buildings.” Said George Graham, President of AirTest. “While the cost of our sensor is more than the traditional approach, we only need one per building, reducing total cost to the building owner. Energy savings are increased because one highly accurate sensor, that requires no maintenance, can be used to replace dozens of sensors of questionable accuracy and durability”

AirTest offers three models for dew point measurement. The EE23 measures temperature and dew point in outside air utilizing a special radiation shield that protects against interference from the sun rain and snow. The EE21 and EE08 also with radiation shields, provides a highly accurate temperature and humidity measurement that can be translated into a dew point measurement by a building’s control system. All of these sensors will operate for 10 to 15 years without the need for maintenance and calibration. Further details on these products can be viewed on AirTest’s Web site here.

About AirTest: AirTest Technologies is a Green-Tech company specializing in sensors that improve commercial building operating efficiency and at the same time create energy savings. These sensors are all based on technical innovations developed in the last ten years and comprise a growing second wave of energy saving technologies that will make a significant contribution to the Sustainable Buildings Program. AirTest offers its products to leading-edge building owners, contractors and energy service companies targeting the buildings market. AirTest also provides energy cost reduction solutions to building equipment and controls manufacturers who incorporate AirTest sensor components in their products.

For more information about AirTest’s contribution to the Green Buildings initiative, please contact George
Graham at 604-517-3888 or visit the AirTest website at .

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Published: January 14, 2004 Last Updated: November 11, 2008