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ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. (CDNX Symbol AAT)

Business of the Company - An Overview

ATI AirTest Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and markets gas detection equipment for the industrial marketplace. This equipment includes portable gas monitors, fixed gas monitors that are electrically connected to central control systems, stand-alone wireless monitors, and hydrocarbon and toxic gas analytical systems. In addition to marketing the equipment itself, AirTest also markets a mobile ambient air monitoring service as well as an aerial leak detection system for natural gas pipelines. The primary target industries who use the Company's products are chemical plants, oil and gas manufacturing and distribution companies, natural gas transmission and distribution companies, pulp mills, and contractors who build underground parking facilities. Some of the company's products are sold direct to end-users by factory sales representatives, while other products are sold through distributors and wholesalers with AirTest providing sales and technical support.

With the recent acquisition of Airwave Environmental Technologies Inc., AirTest has significantly expanded its product base, and has added a strong R & D resource in the person of Airwave's founder, Colin Minty who has over fifteen years experience in designing and developing gas detection equipment. Colin will complement the existing AirTest technical staff, who themselves offer the Company many years of experience in the gas detection field.

The market for gas detection equipment in industry is a large diverse market offering excellent growth opportunities. As new health and environmental concerns are discovered, new gas detection solutions are required. Although some of AirTest's products compete in traditional markets, most have been developed in response to new industry demand and would be considered to be specialized or niche market products in gas detection. The Company has the technical depth to continue to be creative in the development of new products as new gas detection requirements are identified.

Most of the Company's business activity to date has taken place in North America and following the Company's Initial Public Offering on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, the new AirTest marketing initiatives will continue to focus on this market, as it has been largely untapped and offers great potential. Many of the AirTest products have application globally, however, and the long-range plans will include promotion to the global market once targeted performance is achieved in North America. For the aggregate package of products currently being produced by AirTest, the North American market is roughly sixty percent of the global market.

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Published:   Last Updated: October 18, 2007